Torts and Medical Malpractice


Goldfarb Seligman is one of Israel's most veteran and experienced law firms in the tort law field in general and in the medical malpractice field in particular. The firm's Torts and Medical Malpractice Department represents hundreds of claims by injured individuals in various fields, and is involved in most of the major tort claims in the various courts.


The firm has a long history of representing medical entities in medical malpractice claims and is highly involved in various legal developments affecting the medical field. In recent years, after accumulating extensive knowledge as part of its representation of medical entities for the past dozens of years (among others, the firm represents the Israeli Medical Association), the firm has represented individuals with high levels of disabilities. The legal teams' acquaintance with the medical entities and the insurance companies - and their manner of operation in this kind of cases, provides a significant advantage in the client's representation, in regards to the case strategy, decision making, the implementation of this knowledge for the client's interests, and the ability to create significant and unique precedents.


In recent years, the department has accumulated a unique expertise relating to complex tort claims which combine the claims of dozens of injured individuals resulting from a single occurrence. For instance, the legal teams represent individuals injured in aviation accidents and in multiple participant car accidents; represent families of individuals injured due to negligence (such as the Remedia affair, in which defective baby formula resulted in the deaths of three Israeli babies and caused serious injuries to several dozen Israeli babies); and more.


The department's many years of experience and significant reputation in the torts and medical malpractice field enables it to reach swift settlements for its clients. These settlements ease the clients' coping and enable them to recover compensation from the ones responsible to the negligence action.