The firm possesses an expertise in insolvency proceedings. The firm's attorneys represent companies and corporations in a variety of legal proceedings, including creditors' agreements and corporate recovery, liquidations and receiverships; and advise on re-negotiations of credit agreements with lenders, loan and debt restructuring, asset sales, exchange offers, and more.


The legal teams operating in this field are interdisciplinary teams which closely accompany the clients and provide comprehensive consulting on the fields of banking and finance, labor law, tax and litigation. These teams handle both domestic and international high profile voluntary and involuntary insolvencies.


In recent years, the firm has advises on corporate recovery processes of companies; and on liquidations and insolvency proceedings of holding groups and companies in the hotel and construction industry, and the entrepreneurship, retail and industry fields. In addition, the firm has acquired a unique expertise in the representation of directors and executives in legal proceedings stemming from insolvency. This includes advising the board of directors as the decision-making entity in relation to these matters, and representing the board of directors, as a single entity or as individuals, in personal claims, in investigations (according to clauses 373 and 374 of the Companies Ordinance), and in personal claims brought against company executives as part of these proceedings.


The attorneys have acquired extensive diverse experience in the field, in an array of positions and levels of involvement, as receivers, liquidators and trustees in insolvency proceedings; in the representation of shareholders in these proceedings; in the representation of company executives, employees and directors; in the representation of creditors and debtors; in the representation of entities who acquired companies and assets and are involved in insolvency proceedings; and more.