Derivative Actions


In recent years, with the financial reality becoming more and more complex, the use of derivative actions had increased, including executive responsibility claims. 


The firm possesses extensive experience relating to the representation of shareholders and directors as plaintiffs in derivative actions, as well as the representation of shareholders, company executives and senior company personnel while being prosecuted under these claims; and the representation of companies which receive derivative demand letters.


These claims relate to a variety of matters, including in relation to claims of breach of duty of care or of fiduciary duties towards the company, among others, in relation to claims of making decisions which are not for the best interest of the company, claims of publication of false or misleading statements and reports, not withholding reporting obligations, claims regarding discriminatory behavior towards minority shareholders, insider trading and more.  


The firm provides clients with comprehensive and multidisciplinary legal services through its attorneys who specialize in corporate litigation and its attorneys who specialize in corporate law, corporate governance and securities law. The knowledge and practical legal experience, together with the business-financial insight, enable the firm's legal teams to utilize creative legal tools in order to examine and  handle the derivative claims proceedings.