Debt Restructuring


The firm's attorneys handle an array of debt restructuring and refinance settlements of corporations.

The attorneys consult and represent all who have interests in the debt restructuring: issuing companies, trustees of debenture holders and debenture holders, shareholders and holders of controlling interest, banks, investors, directors and to executives, and others. 


In light of the many years of experience as a leading law firm in the fields of capital markets, corporate law and insolvency, the firm has accumulated significant experience, considerable reputation and a deep understanding of the various viewpoints of each of the interested involved parties regarding the complex issues arising from debt restructuring. The attorney's involvement in the representation of the various interested parties in relation to the debt restructuring enables them to characterize the needs and goals of all parties involved.   


The firm's extensive experience in the debt restructuring field, as well as in other related fields, together with the significant acquaintance with the usual relevant interested parties - as well as relevant regulatory entities, enables the attorneys to offer comprehensive and creative legal services, at any time and at various levels of complexity. 


In accordance, the legal teams advise clients at any point of time, while providing comprehensive legal-strategic consulting in various legal fields, including corporate law, capital markets, insolvency, taxation, employee rights, corporate governance and litigation - beginning from the first time it is feasible to identify the need for the debt restructuring, through advising the various interested parties and during debenture holders meetings, through managing negotiations, and drafting and approving the debt restructuring.  


During the relevant situations, the attorneys advise on the proceedings for the request to approve the debt restructuring; advise the board of directors regarding various aspects and the implications of the proceedings; represent clients before the various regulatory entities, including the Israel Securities Authority and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange; draft all required papers and requests for the completion of the debt restructuring, until reaching the awaited result - the approval of the debt restructuring.