Corporate Litigation


Goldfarb Seligman possesses extensive experience regarding the representation of clients in corporate litigation proceedings.


The attorneys who specialize in this field have acquired reputation regarding the strategic consulting of corporations in commercial disputes. The attorneys significant experience regarding complex litigation proceedings, together with their deep understanding of corporate law and business law, enable them to provide their clients with comprehensive and creative legal services which minimize the corporation's exposure to commercial and financial damages stemming from the legal proceeding, while advising the corporation and its executives regarding the process of implementing new working procedures in the organization. 


The firm's legal teams represent clients, senior executives and shareholders, in various proceedings and disputes including class actions and derivative actions; shareholder disputes and minority shareholders' discrimination claims; disputes relating to the issuing of credit and relating to financing; as well as disputes relating to an array of agreements, including domestic and international investment agreements, finance agreements, technology transfer agreements, joint venture agreements, and strategic collaboration agreements.


In addition, the firm's attorneys are involved in proceedings which require court approval, including distribution proceedings; merger and acquisition proceedings; acquisition of shares and debt restructuring, among others, through clauses 350 and 351 of the Companies Law.