Labor and Employment Law Transactions


The department represents some of Israel's largest companies, as well as large international corporations, on all matters relating to Israeli labor law. As the department is positioned within a large corporate law firm, and advises on a significant portion of the transactions handled by the firm, its attorneys are able to consult on all matters relating to the field, beginning with strategic consulting regarding organizational aspects and the human resource field, while implementing the department's experience and suiting all legal services to the client's organizational needs, and through providing legal advice on specific labor law matters. 


The attorneys conduct due diligence; participate in negotiations regarding the forming of the transaction and the drafting of the human resources-related chapters of the agreement; advise on the drafting of labor agreements, employee transfer agreements, future employment agreements and employee retirement agreements, including senior executives; and provide legal consulting regarding the organizations' various obligations stemming from employment or structural change, whether in a public company or an organized workplace.