Labor and Employment Law Litigation


The department's attorneys possess extensive experience in handling labor law disputes. 


The department's attorneys represent clients in various labor law disputes, including employer-employee disputes stemming from the termination of work relations, as well as disputes relating to competitive restraints and intellectual property; disputes regarding discrimination claims and claims of lack of equality, including ones relating to the Israel Women Labor Law - 1954; disputes relating to claims regarding the absence or existence of employee-employer relations, including contractors disputes for recognition as employees and setting employee-employer relations and more.  


The department's legal teams represent clients in all various legal proceedings at all courts of law and tribunals, including the representation of clients before the labor court, the various government authorities and the disciplinary courts, as well as alternative dispute resolution tribunals, such as mediation and arbitration.  


In addition, the department represents employers and employees in arbitration proceedings and claims under the Prevention of Sexual Harassment Law - 1998, represents employers and employees in hearings prior to termination of employment, and represents employers in various proceedings before various regulatory authorities, including the Israel Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor.  


Through the years, the department has represented clients in various principle matters, and was involved in the creation of several precedents in the field.