Labor and Employment Law


The firm's Labor and Employment Law Department possesses extensive experience and expertise relating to labor law, as well as individual and collective work relations.


The department provides strategic consulting for solving complex situations in the human resource management field, and provides legal guidance to organizations relating to labor law and labor relations during reorganization processes, including employee recruitment and termination; overseas employment; collective bargaining and collective processes, including work disputes and strikes; sale and acquisition of companies and factories ownership change and mergers. The department's attorneys also advise on continuity of rights, employer replacement, executive compensation, due diligence, risk assessment and more.


In addition, the firm frequently represents clients in all legal proceedings, before labor courts, various government authorities and disciplinary courts, as well as in alternative dispute resolution tribunals, such as arbitration and mediation procedures.


The department's skilled professional team provides comprehensive legal services relating to the labor law field, both on the collective and individual levels - beginning with continuous daily legal consulting; and through the drafting of employment agreements, retirement plans and various consulting agreements; as well as managing all related litigation in the field. In addition, the department's senior attorneys provide detailed evaluations to public and private entities, and accompany legislation in the field.


The department's significant advantage is expressed through its ability to provide legal services which resolve both complex litigation issues and business-commercial issues. The department's diversified and extensive experience enables its legal teams to provide comprehensive legal services, while taking into account an array of future possible complex situations which relate to the human resources field.


The department represents some of Israel's largest companies, as well as large international corporations, on all matters relating to Israeli labor law. As the department is positioned within a large corporate law firm, and advises on a significant portion of the transactions handled by the firm, its attorneys are able to consult on all matters relating to the field, beginning with strategic consulting regarding organizational aspects and the human resource field, while implementing the department's experience and suiting all legal services to the client's organizational needs, and through providing legal advice on specific labor law matters. 


Among the department's clients are public entities, private companies, government companies, as well as executives from the private and public sectors, which operate, among others, in the communications, banking, industry and hi-tech fields.