Collective Labor Agreements


The attorneys of the Labor and Employment Law Department possess extensive experience relating to the collective labor law field. 


The department provides comprehensive legal consulting to employers in which their organization takes place or will take place, a regime of collective agreements, and handles negotiations regarding the forming agreement; advises on drafting the agreement; and provides continuous consulting through collective disputes, regarding the interpretation of the agreement, strikes, work disputes and restructuring. In addition, the department represents employers during the pre-collective stage, including in the preliminary organizational stages.     


In addition, the department represents labor unions which operate under a collective labor agreement and provides them with ongoing legal consulting, including regarding negotiations with the employer; providing professional opinions regarding the interpretation of the agreement; advising in relation to amendments to the agreement's provisions; advising in regards to declaring and executing work disputes and strikes, and more. 


The department has significant reputation in the field, and possesses experience, multi-dimensional insight and considerable acquaintance with the various needs of all parties in the field – employers and labor unions alike.    


This and more, assist the department in providing comprehensive creative legal services which protect its clients' interests.