Institutional Investment


The firm advises a long line of institutional entities which operate in Israel, including companies which manage provident funds and insurers, on all matters relating to their substantial investments. 


The firm provides its clients with a wealth of significant experience in the fields of commercial law, complex transactions, investments, and finance, and also incorporates the extensive regulatory knowledge acquired by the firm's legal teams regarding the fields of insurance, provident funds and the investment regulations which apply on these entities, while best suiting the legal services to the client's needs. 


This experience ensures full coverage of all aspects which may arise in this type of transactions, including regulation aspects, taxation aspects, antitrust aspects, labor law aspects, and more. 


The firm provides continuous consulting to institutional entities in their investments in various business corporations, in real estate properties in Israel and abroad, and in various types of investment funds, including venture capital funds, private equity funds, real estate funds and hedge funds. 


In addition, the firm has acquired extensive and unique experience regarding the representation of corporations which require finance or desire to conduct other transactions with institutional entities, including tailor made loans by institutional entities, financing corporate activity and real estate transactions, and the raising of capital by investment funds.