Banking and Financial Institutions


As part of the Goldfarb Seligman's banking and financing practice, the firm's attorneys advise clients from 'both sides of the table'. On the one side, the attorneys advise financial institutions, including foreign and local banks, credit card companies and other non-bank financial entities. On the other side, the attorneys represent the largest and leading concerns in the Israeli market, regarding their ongoing activities opposite local and foreign banks.


The firm specializes in complex international financing transactions, including transactions involving all types of guaranteed credit. In addition, the firm's attorneys handle regulation and licensing of financial activities; financial derivative transactions based on ISDA documents (our firm is a member of the ISDA organization); and advise financial institutions on global services in the securities market (custody, brokerage, etc.), the credit cards field, payment systems and clearing charges, as well as network based financial services. 


In recent years the firm's attorneys have advised on some of the largest, most prominent and complex bank financing transactions in the Israeli market. Among others, the firm has represented an Israeli company in its acceptance of loans of over 2 billion USD given by a number of foreign banks for the acquiring of holdings in a Swiss banking corporation; and has also represented a leading Israeli company in the acceptance of a 960 million USD loan given by a Chinese bank during an acquisition transaction by an international corporation - a transaction which was globally recognized as one of the most significant transactions of 2011.