Goldfarb Seligman handles a significant portion of Israel's largest infrastructure projects, including infrastructure projects in the fields of energy, transportation, water, and more.


The legal teams provide comprehensive consulting through all stages of executing infrastructure projects – beginning from advising on the tender proceedings, through consulting and representation before the regulator, advising on finance procedures, drafting all agreements relating to the project, and through continuous consulting at the execution stages. The attorneys consult at any point of time, while assisting the parties involved in advancing the projects and in making optimal and beneficial decisions.


The attorneys provide clients, among them are government corporations, private and public companies, including international companies, with comprehensive legal services which include the handling of economic, financial, and operational aspects, including receiving required permits, franchises, licenses and approvals for the establishment and operation of projects, advising on the process of drafting the offer, and negotiations with other parties involved in the project.


The firm has accumulated extensive experience regarding finance consulting and finance transactions relating to infrastructure projects, such as PPP (Private Public Partnership) and PFI (Private Finance Initiative) Systems, including consulting and representation in negotiations regarding long term loan settlements and interim period financing settlements. The attorneys advise on large scale finance transactions, in Israel and abroad, while creating complex financial instruments.


The firm possesses significant reputation regarding the consulting and advancement of infrastructure projects in the energy field, including the establishment of private power plants, infrastructure for the distribution of natural gas, transactions for the acquisition and transportation of natural gas, the establishment of solar energy facilities, representation in tender proceedings in the energy infrastructure field and more.


In addition, the firm has consulted various entities in the water infrastructure field in Israel and abroad, including in relation to desalination facilities.


In addition, the firm possesses unique expertise regarding transportation projects. In light of the significant funding for the development of transportation projects by the Israeli Transportation Ministry and the Israeli Finance Ministry, many large projects have been advanced in Israel in recent years. Goldfarb Seligman has been the firm of choice for a large portion of these projects, due to its significant experience in representing some of Israel's largest transportation projects in recent years, including advising on the planning and execution of complex transportation projects which are established within an urban setting.


The attorneys operates in synergy with the firm's other various departments, therefore providing comprehensive consulting regarding financing, regulation, real estate, planning and construction and contractual aspects.