Regulatory Enforcement of Corporations


The firm's attorneys advise corporations and individuals which operate on their behalf, including managers, directors, leading executives and employees, on all matters relating to risk enclosure and exposure to criminal, administrative and civil sanctions arising from the violation of the law.  


In recent years, the regulatory environment in Israel in which corporations and their executives and employees operate, has turned dynamic and highly complex; and in accordance, the risks they are exposed to have grown.  


The firm's attorneys have accumulated extensive experience in the locating, handling and enclosing of legal and regulatory risks, which originate from the business environment in which the corporation operates, and which might cause the casting of direct personal responsibility on individuals who operate on the corporation's behalf. The firm's attorneys advise clients regarding various matters:   

Corporate and securities law - the firm's attorneys possess strong work relations, extensive knowledge and experience in the representation of clients before the Israel Securities Authority and have a deep understanding of the guidelines which the Israel Securities Authority publishes from time to time. In addition, the firm's attorneys possess extensive experience in conducting compliance surveys and enforcement programs in the securities field; insurance - some of the firm's legal teams specialize in legislation and regularization in the insurance field and the provisions of the Supervisor of Capital Market, Insurance and Saving at the Israeli Ministry of Finance; communications; competition and antitrust law; environmental law and sustainability; labor law; and more.