Private Equity Funds


Goldfarb Seligman was one of the first law firms in Israel to advise clients regarding the establishment of private equity funds.

The firm's attorneys who operate in this field advise clients on the establishments and operation of private investment funds, including private equity funds, venture capital funds, real estate funds, hedge funds, designated financial funds and other types of investment funds.


The firm has acquired extensive experience in regards to contractual relations between the investment funds' entrepreneurs; handling tax planning for investment funds; receiving preliminary approvals from tax authorities (pre-ruling) for Israeli and foreign investors; developing complex corporate structures, Israeli and foreign, mainly derived from tax planning, and accompanying the funds in their relations with legal advisors and other service providers abroad. In addition, the firm's attorneys have advised investment funds on structural changes, such as transfer of the fund's activities from one country to another, and through public offerings of stocks and of rights in the fund's corporations. 


In addition, the firm's attorneys regularly advise investment funds on transactions which suit their investment portfolio, both in Israel and abroad, based on their various expertise in M&A, hi-tech investments, real estate investments and capital markets, in Israel and abroad.


The attorneys also advise institutional and private clients desiring to invest in investment funds, while examining the terms of the investment and representing clients in negotiations regarding individual investment agreements with the investment funds.