Mergers and Acquisitions


Goldfarb Seligman's attorneys have acquired unique expertise relating to the advising of companies and partnerships on merger and acquisition transactions, while maintaining continuous contact with government entities.


The firm handles complex merger and acquisition transactions, as well as stock and asset purchases, statutory mergers, purchase offers and court-approved arrangements among shareholders, while devising business structures and procedures that have become important precedents. The firm's legal teams advise clients regarding the various regulatory requirements, in Israel and abroad, and assist in obtaining all relevant approvals for advancing clients' interests.


The attorneys' extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions enables them to consider a wide array of future possible events and scenarios, both in the negotiations stages and in the stages of drafting the relevant documents. Simultaneously, the firm's expert attorneys from the other various practices closely accompany merger and acquisition transactions handled by the firm, according to their practice areas, including taxation, labor law, intellectual property, litigation and real estate. This multidisciplinary approach enables the firm's legal teams to provide comprehensive legal services throughout the various stages of the transaction and regarding all of its numerous aspects.