Corporate Compliance Programs


The firm's attorneys advise clients and assist them in the implementation of corporate compliance and business ethics programs, which enhance the corporation's ability to integrate within its community and regulatory environment.


The attorneys' many years of international experience, alongside their extensive knowledge regarding domestic regulation, assist them in the devising of multidisciplinary plans, which consider various aspects and scenarios relating to the business environment and the regulatory environment with which the company is faced with. 


The firm provides a wide array of legal services in the corporate compliance field, including consulting on the implementation of internal enforcement programs in the securities field, the environmental enforcement field, the labor law enforcement field, voluntary programs in the corporate social responsibility field, and more. The corporate compliance programs are designed to suit the company's needs, while examining and considering the financial and internal characteristics and limitations. The legal teams also accompany clients in the implementation and execution of the corporate compliance programs, including in situations where the plan is implemented following re-organizations or mergers, which frequently require various regulatory adjustments and ongoing consulting.