Corporate Law and Capital Markets


Goldfarb Seligman is considered to be one of Israel's leading law firms in the fields of commercial law, and capital markets, and possesses international reputation relating to these fields.


Throughout the years, a diverse legal practice has been developed within the firm, and the attorneys utilize their integrative legal understanding and practical experience which encompasses various fields and sectors. This experience, together with the business insight and financial knowledge, turn the firm's various departments into leading and experienced in their field.


The legal teams handle prominent public offerings in the Israeli capital market and foreign capital markets - a significant portion of these public offerings are for some of Israel's largest holding groups and companies; handle complex transactions, including international merger and acquisition transactions worth hundreds of millions of U.S. dollars, and above; possess significant reputation and widespread work relations with government and regulatory entities; and possess unique expertise and deep understanding regarding the fields of corporate governance, domestic and international, including in regards to optimal manners in which to handle and implement regulatory provisions relating to the corporation's business activity.