Crisis Management


The firm offers a designated multidisciplinary team which advises on crisis management while drawing on resources within the firm as well as outside resources to manage the legal, public and other aspects of crises.


The optimal manner with which to handle crises situations, before the crisis or during it, is through an interdisciplinary legal team which manages all legal and public issues simultaneously, and assists in resolving the crisis while significantly minimizing economic and reputational damages.


The firm's legal teams advise companies, individuals and executives, dealing with crisis events and requiring urgent and intensive legal services. Among others, the attorneys advise clients who are dealing with charges of alleged embezzlement or other alleged criminal offenses of senior executives; clients who are under various types of criminal investigations; and clients who are investigated by enforcement authorities (IMPA, the Israeli Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), the Israel Securities Authority, the Israel Tax Authority, and more) and by government investigative committees. The attorneys also advise clients dealing with crisis situations resulting from defective products, faults or disasters; as well as crisis situations relating to environmental law, labor law, commercial disputes, including class actions, and more.


The use of the extensive expertise of the attorneys from the firm's various departments, together with their ability to utilize creative legal tools while devising unique legal structures, optimally assist clients in dealing with the crisis and resolving it.


Alongside the activities mentioned above, the attorneys also provide services in the field of risk management to companies and individuals. All legal risks relating to the company are examined, and a practical course of action for the prevention and coping with potential crisis events is offered. The attorneys, together with the relevant experts - legal advisors, regulatory experts, risk managers and others - manage a process of identifying legal and regulatory risks, unique for the company and its executives. They examine and analyze the legal situation in the relevant fields; compile recommendations for manners of conduct, within the company and outside it, in order to minimize risks; predict future possible scenarios; advise on how to deal with professional dilemmas, and define priorities and thought processes.