Legacy and History

The firm takes pride in its legacy and history of professional and human values and excellence, which have guided the firm since its establishment.  The firm's history of multidisciplinary insight, together with a deep understanding of the Israeli business sector, provide a solid grounding for the firm's attorneys.  The standards and guidance derived from this history are based upon the pillars of legal excellence, client dedication, business insight, ethical behavior, professional creativity, and innovation.


Historic Milestones 

  • Corporate and Capital Markets. Since the early 1970's, the firm has been active in the international capital markets, serving as the entryway for foreign companies desiring to invest in Israel, and as the gateway for Israeli companies desiring to invest worldwide. The firm has been one of the leading law firms in Israel handling public offerings of Israeli companies overseas, since the earliest days of such offerings.  In 1980 the firm handled the initial public offering of Scitex Corporation Ltd. in New York, one of the first Israeli companies to be traded on NASDAQ, and in 1982, the initial public offering of ECI Telecom Ltd. This trend continues, and today the firm represents tens of companies publicly traded on foreign stock exchanges, as well as numerous underwriters in the public offerings by such companies.
  • Litigation. Since the early 1930's, the firm took a leading role in Israel in the areas of commercial and criminal ('white collar') litigation, tort law and various other fields of litigation, scoring many important legal precedents to its credit. Among its alumni are two of Israel’s most prominent Supreme Court Justices - the Honorable Yoel Zusman and the Honorable Alfred Vitkon.
  • Real Estate. Since the early 1980's, the firm has handled among the largest and most complex transactions in Israel in the areas of real estate, real estate entrepreneurship, planning and construction and related fields of law, and to this day represents key holding groups and large companies in the Israeli real estate market.